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Google Cloud Run ☁️

Cloud Run is a service in the Google Cloud Platform that allows you to deploy highly scalable containerized applications using your favorite language on a fully managed serverless platform. You can use Cloud Run to serve requests from your Dart Frog API to the internet. This will provide:

  • Fully managed autoscaling to handle any number of requests
  • Only pay for the computing resources you use, and pay nothing when your service isn't being used
  • Automatic logging in Cloud Logging


Before you get started, if you don't already have these, you'll need to create:


While the Google Cloud Platform has a free tier that should cover testing projects, you can incur costs when running this quickstart through Cloud Run, Cloud Build, or Artifact Registry. For more details, see the Google Cloud Price List.

Additionally, you'll need the gcloud command line interface (CLI) installed on your computer.

Finally, you'll want to log in to gcloud by running:

gcloud auth login


1. Build your API for production use

Simply run:

dart_frog build

This will create a /build directory with all the files needed to deploy your API.

2. Deploy your API to Cloud Run

In order to deploy to Cloud Run, you can run the following command:

gcloud run deploy [SERVICE_NAME] \
--source build \
--project=[PROJECT_ID] \
--region=[REGION] \
  • [SERVICE_NAME]: The name of the Cloud Run service you want to create/update
  • [PROJECT_ID]: The ID of the Google Cloud project
  • [REGION]: The GCP region you wish to deploy to (ex: us-central1)

There is an ongoing issue that is preventing Dart Unix Sockets from working correctly in the gen1 version of the Cloud Run execution environment. In that case, it is recommended to deploy to gen2 by adding --execution-environment=gen2.

Running this command will do three things:

  • Upload the code in the /build directory
  • Build the Docker image in Cloud Build and upload it to Artifact Registry
  • Deploy the image to the specified Cloud Run service

3. Enjoy your API on Cloud Run!

Congratulations 🎉, you have successfully built and deployed your API to Cloud Run. You can now access your API at the Service URL that is printed in the last line of output.


If you have not already enabled the necessary Google Cloud APIs to deploy your API, gcloud can enable them for you. Just select Y when prompted.


You can save the project ID and region to gcloud so you don't have to specify them each time you deploy.

gcloud config set core/project [PROJECT_ID]
gcloud config set run/region [REGION]


$ gcloud run deploy hello  --source build --allow-unauthenticated

Building using Dockerfile and deploying container to Cloud Run service [hello] in project [dart-demo] region [us-central1]
✓ Building and deploying new service... Done.
✓ Uploading sources...
✓ Building Container... Logs are available at [].
✓ Creating Revision... Revision deployment finished. Waiting for health check to begin.
✓ Routing traffic...
✓ Setting IAM Policy...
Service [hello] revision [hello-00001-yen] has been deployed and is serving 100 percent of traffic.
Service URL:

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