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Custom Server Entrypoint 🎬

Dart Frog supports creating a custom entrypoint in cases where you need fine-grained control over the server initialization or wish to execute code prior to starting the server.

Creating a Custom Entrypoint ✨

To create a custom entrypoint, simply create a main.dart file at the root of your Dart Frog project. The main.dart file must expose a top-level run method with the following signature:

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:dart_frog/dart_frog.dart';

Future<HttpServer> run(Handler handler, InternetAddress ip, int port) {
// 1. Execute any custom code prior to starting the server...

// 2. Use the provided `handler`, `ip`, and `port` to create a custom `HttpServer`.
// Or use the Dart Frog serve method to do that for you.
return serve(handler, ip, port);

The Dart Frog CLI will detect the custom entrypoint and execute your custom run method instead of the default implementation.